First visit

Reception area at Davidson Physiotherapy

For your 1st visit, you should arrive 10 minutes early in order to complete the New Patient intake forms.

The length of your initial assessment will vary depending on your situation; however, initial assessments generally take 60–75 minutes and follow-up appointments take 30–45 minutes.

What to bring

We ask that you bring

  1. A pair of indoor shoes or slippers.
  2. Loose-fitting clothing that allows for visual and physical access to the area to be treated. For any low back or lower extremity area, shorts are best.
  3. Any diagnostic results or reports from your doctor or case manager.

The initial assessment will begin with a discussion around the history of the affected area, followed by a comprehensive, hands-on, physical assessment. Because of the nature of the hands-on assessment, clients may sometimes experience an increase in symptoms within the next 24 hours. We do make efforts to minimize the likelihood of post-assessment soreness.

Contact with your doctor

Provided you give us written consent, our normal practice is to provide your family physician with an initial assessment report which can also be copied to any specialists involved in your case.